Amor de Galo - Handmade in Portugal

Espaço de exposição de memórias percepcionadas de um Portugal sem fronteiras, sem limites, multicultural pelo passado e também pelo presente. Um local onde as artes tradicionais viram manualidades.

Exhibition space of memories of one Portugal without borders, without limits, with multicultural past and present.
A place where the traditional arts are transormed into handicrafts.

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

36 Hours in Porto - by New York Times

By SETH SHERWOOD Published: November 23, 2011
" FOR years, Porto’s motto was, in essence, “You’ve tried the wine; now try the city!” But these days Portugal’s second-largest metropolis — an attractively faded hillside city of venerable town houses and Baroque churches — no longer needs to coast on the reputation of its famous digestif. A jam-packed new night-life district is taking shape, and a blossoming creative scene features everything from an upstart design center to the avant-garde Rem Koolhaas-designed Casa de Música, a stunning concert space. And there’s great news for oenophiles as well. With the Douro region’s emergence as a hotbed of prize-winning red wines — not just port — Porto (also known as Oporto) can now intoxicate you with myriad vintages, new ambitious restaurants and even wine-themed hotels. "

Joao Pina for The New York Times

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